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In each episode, Jake and Lance start with a given cocktail or ingredient. Discussion starts with recipes and history and then branches out to ... just about anything.
And then there's round 2 (and sometimes round 3)!

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  • Episode 25: At the Movies: To Catch a Thief and Vertigo

    April 15th, 2018  |  1 hr 22 mins
    hitchcock, movies

    Jake and Lance take in two Alfred Hitchcock classics and invent cocktails to go with each.

  • Episode 24: At the Movies: F8 of the Furious and Atomic Blonde

    February 17th, 2018  |  1 hr 13 mins
    charliz theron, gin, movies, rum, suze, vodka, whiskey

    Jake and Lance invent cocktails to pair with the films F8 of the Furious and Atomic Blonde.

  • Episode 23: Pegu Club

    December 26th, 2017  |  53 mins
    bitters, dry curaçao, gin, lime

    Jake and Lance take it back to the British colonies to talk about the Pegu Club.

  • Episode 22: Vieux Carré

    September 30th, 2017  |  1 hr 16 mins
    angostura, benedictine, cognac, peychauds, rye, sweet vermouth, whiskey

    Jake and Lance spend some time with a New Orleans classic that combines rye whiskey, cognac, sweet vermouth, a touch of Benedictine and both Peychaud's and Angostura bitters.

  • Episode 21: Margarita

    August 14th, 2017  |  1 hr 20 mins
    cointreau, lime, tequila

    Whether it's frozen or "coin style", the Margarita is one of the most popular sours in the world. Lance and Jake ponder why.

  • Episode 20: Gibson

    July 8th, 2017  |  1 hr 7 mins
    cocktail onion, dry vermouth, gin

    Lance and Jake ponder whether having a different garnish actually makes the Gibson different from a dry Martini.

  • Episode 19: Americano

    May 20th, 2017  |  1 hr 22 mins
    campari, sweet vermouth

    In this episode Lance and Jake are taking you to Italy and setting you up for summer as we explore the Americano.

  • Episode 18: The Last Word

    March 30th, 2017  |  1 hr 27 mins
    chartreuse, gin, maraschino, sour

    Jake and Lance get crazy with the green stuff, as they investigate the Last Word and its many variations.

  • Episode 17: Vodka

    February 27th, 2017  |  1 hr 32 mins

    Lance and Jake finally spend some time with the spirit they love to deride. They mix up some vodka cocktails and discuss whether it was worth the effort.

  • Episode 16: Scotch Cocktails

    January 16th, 2017  |  1 hr 48 mins
    benedictine, chartreuse, cherry herring, scotch, sweet vermouth, whisky

    Jake and Lance mix up cocktails with Scotch whisky and discuss the merits of doing so.
    Also, since this episode was recorded during the holidays, we also spend time talking about overt consumerism, travel plans, and even politics and altruism.

  • Episode 15: Sherry Shims

    December 20th, 2016  |  1 hr 50 mins
    amontilliado, bitters, dry vermouth, fino, manzanilla, oloroso, sherry, sweet vermouth

    Lance and Jake welcome Dinah Sanders, author of "The Art of the Shim" to drink and discuss low ABV cocktails and why you might want to have one (or three).

  • Episode 14: Boulevardier

    December 3rd, 2016  |  1 hr 29 mins
    bourbon, campari, rye, sweet vermouth, whiskey

    Lance and Jake talk about the resurgent classic occupying the space between the Manhattan and the Negroni: The Boulevardier.
    They also talk about the World’s 50 Best Bars list and deal with some nearby jet traffic.

  • Episode 13: Daiquiri

    November 25th, 2016  |  53 mins 35 secs

    Jake and Lance shake up daiquiris and discuss the ins and outs of the rum and lime classic.

  • Episode 12: Old Fashioned

    November 1st, 2016  |  1 hr 14 mins

    Lance and Jake stir up the most classic of classic cocktails, the Old Fashioned.

  • Episode 11: Gin & Tonic

    September 15th, 2016  |  1 hr 20 mins

    Jake and Lance explore the wonders of gin combined with quinine tonic.

  • Episode 10: Negroni

    June 11th, 2016  |  1 hr 35 mins

    Jake and Lance explore the Negroni, that bright red Italian bitter drink that makes them both so happy. Plus Beyoncé and other topics.